Trash Service

Morning Sun Farms only

You may not be aware that Johnson Utilities currently handles the billing on behalf of  Republic Services 

Johnson Utilities primarily provides service for water and sewer only. Currently we handle the billing portion of the trash service for Morning Sun Farms. The actual company that provides the trash pick up is Republic Services. If you have billing problems with your trash service please contact us at Johnson Utilities, any other problems with your pick up service please contact Republic Services. Usually trash service is handle through the subdivision H.O.A. and is apart of the monthly H.O.A. fees. In this case Morning Sun Farms has chosen to utilize Johnson Utilities to manage its service billing. 

A common question is how trash pick up is managed during U.S. calender holidays. Residential collection may be delayed due to these and other holidays: Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. As a general rule, holidays push residential pickup schedules back one day with regular schedules resuming the following week. 

Any other questions about trash service in subdivisions other than Morning Sun Farms should be directed to your local H.O.A.