Construction Laborer

Job Description:

·        Assist in building structures for residential, business, and construction sites.

·        Participate in demolitions.

·        Work underground in tunnels and sewer systems.

·        Remove trees and debris.

·        Service machines, including pumps, compressors, generators, tractors, and trailers.

·        Mix concrete.

·        Pump concrete, grout, cement, sand, or plaster.

·        Use spray guns for application of material to ceilings or walls.

·        Assist construction managers.

·        Read blueprints and designs.

·        Install traffic control devices.

·        Clear and prepare highway work zones.

·        Dig trenches.

·        Install sewer, water, and storm drainpipes.

·        Pour concrete and asphalt onto roads.

·        Operate laser guidance equipment to place pipes.

·        Operate air, electric, and pneumatic drills.

·        Operate pavement breakers; jackhammers; earth tampers; concrete, mortar, and plaster mixers.

·        Control robotic pipe cutters and cleaners.

·        Survey and measure equipment.

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